Sunday, July 4, 2010

Little Girl

The little girl held the hand of her classmates as they walked in tandem, she staring straight ahead and mouth agape, stepping into her future:

I think I almost had a, "Have You Seen Her" moment with that opener up there.

I saw a woman walking down the street tonight. She was middle aged. White. Walking with a limp. Her tan pants were soaked from the crotch to her shoes. I wanted to ask her if she needed any help, but only said nothing as I walked past. I stopped and turned to watch her progress, and berate myself for not caring enough for my fellow man to get involved. She slowly crossed the street, and turned herself to traverse the cross street. A police car drove by, not noticing her. I thought about flagging it down, but what would I say, that there's a slow-walking, limping woman whose pissed herself? Is that cause enough to get the police involved? She didn't look homeless or anything, she would have gone completely unnoticed if she were continent and walking briskly. Though she went unnoticed in her present state too. Or she was noticed and passed by so many people, myself included, still with our guards up, not wanting to get involved, and when that day comes when we turn to a stranger for aid and he turns away, we won't wonder why.

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