Friday, July 9, 2010

A Ride Into the Past

And not my past, but a past that came to me via a roll of V620 that I developed. I'm guessing this is also from sometime in the 1960s, just like the other roll I put up. Though to my knowledge there is no connection between the rolls other than that I got them at the same time. But enough talking already, let's check it out in the order they were taken:

Who can't smile when they're sitting on a horse wearing a bowler:

Much as I'd like to think that this is Stan Laurel, I know it isn't. Also, when examined more closely, the rider appears to be female.

Now there's no question as to the femininity of these riders, nor to the fact that they're proud of what they've won:

While the one in the front is pretty slick in her shades, there's something about the one in the back with that wide, honest smile. And she's got a ribbon in addition to the trophy too.

Now I don't think this guy participated in any competitions that day:

I was trying to think of some kind of Cesar Chavez joke, but how do you joke around about Cesar Chavez. You just can't.

Here's another picture of the young lady with the great smile, the trophy and the ribbon:

Maybe if I did a higher resolution scan I might be able to make out what's written on the ribbon.

This next series of shots seem to be taken in another location and on a cloudier day. Though with all the horse shots we just saw, I look at this house and wonder if that's where the lawn jockey lives. You know, because he's so small:

Or maybe it's just one of Arthur Jackson's sheds.

Nobody puts chicken in the corner! But if the chicken walks there willfully, then there's no controversy:

Maybe it was just saying hello to that coniferous looking tree over there.

Now here is perhaps the same, but maybe another chicken looking stately and reasonably focused:

I love the look of this shot. It makes me think that the camera that took this might have been a Medalist, and I'm not just saying that because it's one of my shooters Okay, maybe I am a little partial.

And finally we're left with half a horse. No, it's actually most of the horse, but this end of the roll shot only half made the journey through time:

So as the sun pulls away from the shore and our boat sinks slowly in the west...oh wait, that's another signoff entirely. Let me try some kind of non-Spike Jones ripoff, or for that matter a Fitzpatrick travelogue and sign off in my own manner.

So folks, we've come to the end of another vintage roll of film, its images locked away for who knows how many decades until about a month ago, and which went unscanned for upload until this day of our lord July 9, 2010.

Abi gezunt.


  1. Now these photos definitely deserve a first place ribbon and one for the developer!! How cool are these? Or sick as the kids say....

    The one with the bowler is my fav.

    Not a lawn jockey in sight.

  2. Glad to hear Arthur finally picked up that second shed.

  3. The horse show pictures are probably from at least 2 different kinds of horse shows. The first (bowler) is from a dressage show. You can tell, not only from the rider's outfit, but from the horse in the background doing a Piaffe (trotting in place).
    I'd guess that the two girls were in an equitation class (judged on the rider's form). The girl in the front has an almost perfect leg position. I can't make out the color of the second girl's ribbon, but it doesn't look like she came in 1st place.