Sunday, July 11, 2010

Corner Bistro

Sometimes people just happen to be walking out the door when you're taking a shot, and sometimes you take the shot just the same:

And after you take the shot you pretend that you didn't realize that you just took his picture even though you know you just took his picture and turn around and amble down the street.

God played a joke on me today, just to remind me that he's up there, even if I'm not entirely sure if he's up there at all. So I was out and about today, as I'm known to do on occasion. I must have looked approachable because a group of young people approached me and said, "Sir, do you know where the so and so movie theater is?" I knew exactly where it was and sent them on their way. Yet one thing lingered after they moseyed along to see god knows what.


I'm just a little over one day into being 40 and I'm already being called "Sir." And it wasn't one of those ironic "Sirs." Those kids looked too young to know what irony is (and I'm not saying that's a bad thing). Just yesterday I was on the phone with my friend George, who's 8.5 years older than me and was giving me the rundown on what I should expect from my 40s. He mentioned that people would call me "Sir." I just didn't think it would happen so damned fast. So thanks God, for the reminder.

I'm going now. I have to go sit on my porch and yell at young people.

Son of a bitch.


  1. Very nice picture, Sir.
    The gentleman who photo-bombed you just adds to it :)

    (and since I've got a few months on you ... that "sir" was lousy with irony)

  2. Sir, not heard in a good way, as in "Dear Sir", at the start of an old fashioned letter (at least those of us who are 40 still remember what those are).

    Every time somebody refers to me as "Ma'am", I turn to see if my Mum is standing behind me....sigh.