Thursday, July 15, 2010


I mean, if he's the father of our country, why don't we call him "Dad?" He's more than just a bridge connecting NJ and NY, so why don't we treat him as such:

Oh yeah, Dad was also a surveyor, and a slave owner! Who would have thought that over 200 years after George took the oath of office to be president of these here United States that a black man, perhaps descended from slaves owned by our first president (or our third president, or our fourth president, or our fifth president, or our seventh president) could sit in the very spot where that oath was taken and celebrate the legacy of hardship and emancipation culminating with the election of Barack Obama by having an inane, unnecessary conversation on a cell phone just like anybody else.

I was waiting to get that out of my system all day. I'm officially done with that bit. I hope.

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