Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Matt (sitting)

Matt sells postcards of New York city, but they're not your everyday New York City postcards. As you can see, they catch the eye(s) of potential customers:

You see, he also takes pictures of people and places. Well, they're more like people in places. I don't mean like inside places, but a place being a street or an overall scene if you will. I mean, they're candid shots, but not in the Allen Funtian sense.

But far be it from me to try to describe with words what he does when you can go to his website, and realize that my description of his work is a gross injustice to the actual product.


  1. He man...nice Camera. Like how you captured my exceptional concern for customer interaction ;) Next time I'll think more about standing when engaging the 'art' buyers...must have been shooting for the cool, act like it doesn't matter angle with these guys. What's an Allen Funtian?

  2. Well, you know they say that air of casual detachment is what really draws them in.

    As for your question, I think this might be of service: