Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grand Central

Not at ground level:

Strange times. They come in all forms. Strange, sad, and surreal. Almost beyond comprehension, yet needing to be faced.

I just received some very sad news. This is not the place for me to discuss it, yet I can't not acknowledge the emotional place this news has put me as I type these words.

But there I go again, always making it about me, when this isn't really about me at all. And yet I'm greatly affected by it, and greatly saddened.

It's a weird, weird thing. But all I can do is support, and love, and be there if need be. I'm not sure what that means when someone says, "I'll be there for you." It's too often a very hollow sentiment. But not now. Whatever "there" means, whatever definition it's given, whatever it is defined to me, if I'm so called upon, I'll be there.

I'm the edge of this, you see. I'm not at ground zero. This isn't my tragedy, but it's pretty damned close. And there's nothing worse than seeing people you love suffer, and trying to do anything and everything for them, yet only to know that ultimately they have to get through their sorrows alone. That's the saddest thing of all.

Hang in there Buckaroo. I'll be seeing you soon.

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