Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It was just the other day, Monday to be exact, that i came to the park to take a picture of the dead space left in the wake of the artists' removal. I don't know who noticed each other first, Hwang or myself. I thought he was a photojournalist there to document the first day of Bloomberg's new rules. But it turned out that he was just a tourist hailing from South Korea who has very good taste in cameras, whether it was his own digital behemoth, or the YashMat hanging around my neck. Of course, I was stopped down a bit too much, so when he finally sees this I'm sure he'll realize what I'm sure he already knows, is that it's not the instrument, but the person behind the instrument that counts.

Speaking of instruments, I picked up some new old instruments today, thanks to the generosity of my grandmother who still sees fit to throw her grandson a few bucks on the occasion of his birthday. This isn't anything new, but usually whenever she gives me money for a birthday (or winter holiday) it ends up in the bank just long enough to clear so I can write another check to some credit card company. I never get frivolous with dough I should be frivolous with. So this year I let loose a little, and made some purchases I normally wouldn't make during the non-festive times of the year. I'm sure in the coming weeks I'll be introducing images made from said instruments. Though as I think I mentioned in the previous paragraph, it's all about the guy (or gal) framing up the shot and pushing the button.

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