Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For Display Only

So maybe yesterday I said I'd be starting off today with some more traditional, "Hey Nice Camera" people pictures, but I think this might be my favorite picture on the roll:

If the wind hadn't kicked up, or if I had waited until it wasn't really windy, then this picture would have been much better, but I'm reasonably happy with the composition.

This was set up in Union Square Park yesterday by Simon, making the point that it is legal to set up anywhere in the park and display art as long as it's not for sale, hence the "For Display Only" sign letting you know that the "FOR SALE" paintings are on display only. I was happy to see this.

Though today one of the Union Square artists got a $250 ticket by a park cop saying she needed a permit just to display her art — which is total bullshit. She'll beat it of course, but it's a shame that the park cops don't even know or care what the rules are or how they're supposed to be enforced. Yesterday, none of the artists who were set up for display only got tickets (as they shouldn't have).

For display only.

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